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Re: [suse-mirror] rsync module for the sources ?
Peter Poeml wrote:
Hi Bernd,

On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 04:19:58PM +0100, Bernd Leibing wrote:
afaik there is no rsync module for the opensuse sources on

Yes, true. And the public rsync server doesn't have the tree at all.

Am I the only one who miss it much?

There was one other person asking for it around Christmas, and I didn't
get around to set up an rsync module yet. Sorry to everyone who has been
waiting, or looking around and didn't find anything.

I pointed someone to, which mirror the sources (rsync URL
listed on
The reason that hosteurope has the sources is that they use an old rsync
module that I wanted to depreciate, but I'm in fact quite glad that
these things are available in *some* place. Hosteurope also does us the
favour of storing discontinued trees that we can't archive to space
reasons ourselves. (Thanks, Tobi!)

I noticed that myself, but they have no rsync module for the opensuse
content. Tobi please create an opensuse rsync module.

Note that the /source tree contains only the sources of 11.1, because we
moved them there recently (splitting them from the main file tree, just
as the debug packages). The intent is to keep this kind of content,
which is infrequently used, away from normal mirrors, because it is
obvious that we won't have many mirrors when our rsync module is a
TB in size.

Agreed, the splitting was indeed needed.

I would think that one mirror carrying the /source tree per continent
would be appropriate. Everything is a pure waste of space.

Most users don't care for the sources, but some do. And it should be
accessible as easy and reliable as the binary packages. Open Source !

What we need is *many* mirrors for the popular files.

I'd hate to set up an ftp mirror these days. Please give us an rsync
module. In my opinion adding the sources to the opensuse-full modul
would be best, but an additional opensuse-sources module would be just
as fine.

I see no need to mirror 26G around the world, for something that is
hardly every downloaded. Thus, I won't add it to the opensuse-full


In addition, /source contains only one release so far, so it'll grow to
about the 4-fold during the next two years.

Sources for 11.0 use 11GB disk space, 4-fold that amount would be ok for
some mirrors

And in addition, source rpms are becoming less and less important, and
less practical also. It is much more convenient to check out sources
from the openSUSE build service, and do reproducible builds with that.
(Anyone can do that, an account on is easy to get, and
12.000 people did this. The sources are exactly the same, and they can
be checked out in versioned form, being worked on and contributions
being submitted back to the Factory tree via the build service.)
The time of source rpms is largely over, so to speak. Of course they are
sometimes useful, but it's not so frequent that it warrants to mirror
them around the world.

Working with the sources may be easier (= better) with the openSUSE
build service. But mirroring is also a matter of trust. If you have
independent mirrors, taking down of a site is much less problematic.

Oh, by the way, I tried to get the 11.1 cups sources via

I got the address:

but got error 404 when I tried to download it ....

And an rsync module for /source should be public, I guess - there is not
point in staging it, nor in restricting access to it to registered
mirrors (except in order to protect our bandwidth maybe). So I would
rather have the rsync module on than on, which would be more obvious to find, but there we
don't have the tree, and space is limited.
Too bad, is the most obvios place

So, all in all, an opensuse-source module on without
restrictions seems to be the best thing to do for now - right?
I would like to hear the opinions of all of you.


In addition, /source contains /source/factory, which again is a
candidate to be excluded I guess.

Arrghh, opensuse-source should be without factory, indeed.



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