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Stephan Kulow wrote:
> Hi,
> We're not there yet, but this afternoon I'll start uploading
> 11.1 to the stage server.
> Some numbers:
> 31G distribution/11.1/ (the deltas are not there yet, will add ~2G)
> 15G source/distribution/11.1/
> 12G debug/distribution/11.1/
> The public release is due on 18th.
> BTW: we considered moving the source/ and debug/ of 11.0 and lower into the
> subtrees too. Would this be fine with you? 11.0 is currently 62G and we would
> remove around the same amount as with 11.1
So would take make in total around 200GB or 300GB for the
which doesn't have source or debug now?

That would be still OK at but in general the total amount
needed during change and long term would be
the things I and probably others would like to see. I suppose 10.3 would
disappear at some point after 11.1 is out?

I've also changed the rsync script now to take it directly from stage
to /pub/mirrors/ at
20:53 and 4:53 local time (UTC+2 now) and the rsync runs on a different
account from the ftp and www servers.

Also the older URLs still work. In the process the ppc got removed, I'm
not sure if there was a great demand for it, but if needed I could consider taking it back later in a way that it doesn't clash with the other rsync...

Currently the mirror seems to be nearly finished.

nic:~|16> du -ks /pub/mirrors/*/*
73740187 /pub/mirrors/
64421505 /pub/mirrors/
27455568 /pub/mirrors/
1 /pub/mirrors/
1 /pub/mirrors/
1 /pub/mirrors/
950898 /pub/mirrors/


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