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[kubic-bugs] Your Bugzilla bug list needs attention.
[This e-mail has been automatically generated.]

You have one or more bugs assigned to you in the Bugzilla bug tracking system
( that require

All of these bugs are in either the CONFIRMED, NEW, or REOPENED
state, and have not been touched in 7 days or more.
You need to take a look at them, and decide on an initial action.

Generally, this means one of three things:

(1) You decide this bug is really quick to deal with (like, it's INVALID),
and so you get rid of it immediately.
(2) You decide the bug doesn't belong to you, and you reassign it to
someone else. (Hint: if you don't know who to reassign it to, make
sure that the Component field seems reasonable, and then use the
"Reset Assignee to default" option.)
(3) You decide the bug belongs to you, but you can't solve it this moment.
Ignore this email until you are actively working on this bug, when you
should set the status to IN_PROGRESS.

To get a list of all affected bugs, you can use this URL (bookmark
it if you like!):

Or, you can use the general query page, at

Appended below are the individual URLs to get to all of your affected bugs
that haven't been touched for 7 days or more.

You will get this message once a week until you've dealt with these bugs!

Upstream kubeadm page does not list openSUSE Kubic as supported platform
tmpfiles.d/kubernetes.conf uses legacy path, systemd complaining
Tumbleweed packages not visible in MicroOS installer
kubelet.service tries to start even without config file
kubic image does not call cloud-init
health-checker causes grub to print "Invalid file name ``"
Zypper repo name detection broken
Terminal input over SSH breaks with non-en UTF-8 locale
rebootmgrctl set-strategy off does not switch off rebooting
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