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[kubic-bugs] [Bug 1087449] Transactional Server Role in Leap 15/TW - Allows installation on disks under 16GB
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  • Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2018 18:28:11 +0000
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--- Comment #3 from Richard Brown <rbrown@xxxxxxxx> ---
(In reply to Ludwig Nussel from comment #2)
Looks like this makes snapshots no longer configurable. I thought on low
disk space snapshots get disabled. Is that still the case?

When low disk space, snapshots get disabled by default, yes

But on a Transactional Host with RO fs that can be a rather painful prospect -
a read-only rootfs without snapshots means you have a read-only rootfs with no
way of patching it

Therefore the intended behaviour for the control.xml in this system_role is to
require snapshots and not allow configuration of that

Note this flag should only apply for the transactional system role - that is
how I implemented it in the control.xml and how it's documented.

That said, that flag is also currently broken (P1, YaST team on it - )

So right now, the 'do not configure snapshots for this system role' is a noop.

I'm reasonably sure users will be okay most of the time, as I've been strict
with the (working) min_disk requirements, perfectly matching Kubic where they
work out well enough I was never able to notice the "disable snapshots" flag
was non-functional.

So right now, with those changes, I'm expecting YaST to report that a partition
solution is not possible if their disk is too small, just like we have on

However med/long term (or whenever YaST fix that bug) my desire would be to
relax the space requirements for ServerRO Leap/TW compared to Kubic. I would
prefer they are more flexible like we're used to for Leap/TW, but still rely on
the "at least require snapshots" rule to give the assurance that the role will
always work.

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