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Re: [heroes] Mirrorbrain configuration adjustments
On 14/02/2019 16.15, Dominique Leuenberger / DimStar wrote:
For stuff in repo/oss/boot though, this does not apply: there are
unversioned files, including a bunch of squashfs images. Most don't
have a number in the name, so they are excempt from mirror redirection
anyway, so all good.. except for yast_2_-* :(

That reminds me of a related issue where we have a (versioned) rpm
replacing an earlier instance of the rpm of the same name and version.
And then repo-metadata does not match what zypper gets from the repo.

It is not
but the effect is the same.

Can we not have mirrorbrain check mtime of files as well, so that only
mirrors with the current version of a file are served as redirect targets?

My caching squid proxy at home also regularly gets confused by such
replacing of rpms, but OBS guys seem to not think that it should be
fixed in OBS.

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