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Re: [heroes] openfate --> create says "There are currently no products open for new features."

I'm happy to see you are interested in openFATE ;-)

Am Dienstag, 17. April 2018, 12:14:40 CEST schrieb Joachim Wagner:
As to the subject, please note
(copied below)


Joachim Wagner 2018-02-07 11:54:06 UTC

Currently, it is not possible to create new feature requests on
<https://>. The system answers "There are
currently no products open for new features." in a red box after
clicking "Create". I am logged in.

That's somewhat expected - SUSE plans to shut down FATE (openFATE is
"just" a web client for it), so it makes sense not to accept new feature
requests there.

Note that I don't know _when_ it will be shut down. (IIRC I heard
something like "after the SLE/Leap 15 release", but I'm not 100% sure,
and nobody told me how many days after the release ;-)

This also means that bugs in openFATE (like the missing/broken mail
notifications) won't be fixed anymore by SUSE.

Comment 1 Joachim Wagner 2018-04-17 10:09:07 UTC

There was a brief discussion on

* Knurpht says openFATE has never been used by Leap nor for Tw.

* Malcolm suggested to EOL it. Knurpht agreed and sent e-mail to

Note that the claim "It has been like that for a couple of years now."
is wrong. 11 months ago, I created successfully.

Indeed, I also opened a feature request 9 months ago, so "a couple of
years" is clearly wrong. Also, openFATE has the "openSUSE Distribution"
and "openSUSE Factory" products, which IMHO indicate that it was/is used
for openSUSE ;-) (see the search page for the full [public] product
list, which starts at SUSE Linux 9.0)

Also note that there's some publicly visible activity in openFATE for
existing feature requests.

Before taking openFATE offline, I think there needs to be an e-mail
shot to all requesters and people who registered their interests to
show the community that we value their feedback and ideas and to give
requesters and interested people a chance to move their requests to
where they belong now (the e-mail and the opensuse wiki should
explain this) and/or start implementing features.

At least 3 months notice should be given. In the meantime, the error
message should be updated. I just updated

I'd send that mail about the planned shutdown to the opensuse-factory
and maybe also opensuse-project mailinglist instead of sending it to

Besides that, I completely agree.

When SUSE drops FATE, it doesn't make much sense for openSUSE to keep
openFATE - but we have to announce its shutdown early enough so that
people can grab the best ideas and implement them ;-) or at least move
them to another place.

Oh, in case you missed it - openFATE was already shut down (without any
warning or announcement) some weeks ago based on a request from a SUSE
employee [1]. It took me several mails and some weeks to bring it back,
and even if it is only back for a pre-announced shutdown, it was worth
every byte I sent ;-)

Oh, and to answer the question how to do feature requests in the future:

Of course, the perfect solution is to implement them and send a submit
request to integrate them in the distribution ;-) but I'm aware that not
everybody can do this for various reasons.

The next option is to propose an idea on the mailinglists [2] to search
for people who like the idea and can/want/help to implement it.

Oh, and there's still bugzilla with severity "enhancement" ;-)


Christian Boltz

[1] no need for public blaming or mentioning a name - that person
probably already hates me enough *eg*

[2] - opensuse-factory is a good place for improving Tumbleweed and Leap
(including all the software we ship)
- if there's a topic-specific list (for example yast-devel), use it
(still, also consider opensuse-factory to get more visibility)
- opensuse-project is a good place for things that do not affect the

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