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[heroes] Resigning from the openSUSE heroes team
Hi guys

As I told you some weeks ago, I would have less time in 2018 for the
openSUSE heroes. So the following should not be too problematic - even
if it is not really what I wanted.

As I got multiple complains from the openSUSE release management and
parts of the openSUSE board about "my behavior" (no, sorry, I will not
go into details here), it's time for me to take the consequences and get
out of their way.

The decision is not easy for me, as infrastructure administration is
always my baby - and especially the openSUSE infrastructure was part of
my life now for many, many years. But time goes by and - as well
as people - things change. So I decided to step back in this area for
now and give others a chance.

I've currently still 7 tickets open in progress.o.o - and some stuff in
bugzilla.o.o assigned to me, that I will finish, if nobody objects. But
please do not assign new tickets to me any longer.

As mentioned before: I will not refuse to help if the openSUSE heroes
need me - but I will no longer pro-actively drive things or maintain
the infrastructure - and remove my permissions as soon as possible.

Regarding the meeting in March: if nobody else volunteers, my offer
still stands to organize it. But please understand that I don't want to
participate in the meeting under the current circumstances.

It was always a pleasure for me to work with you, guys. You ROCK!

with kind regards,
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