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Re: [heroes] Reminder: Heroes meeting next Tuesday

while scrolling through the IRC log for all the tasks from today's
meeting, I wrote a quick summary - without any guarantee for
completeness ;-)

- Theo will update several machines to 42.3 on thursday
- some SLE-based machines still have to be changed to Leap or redeployed
- most people have VPN access in the meantime
- wiki move and update went smooth, new skin on
- 150 open tickets, only a few of them (especially member mail
addresses) are urgent

TODO list:
- Heinlein mail - discuss next steps with the board
- fully taking over DNS (ASAP, but not urgent) - discuss with the board
- setup new mysql and postgresql clusters for openSUSE
- daily mysql and postgresql backups (#20988, #20986)
- setup backup VM doing rsnapshot backups (first "customer": wiki
- rsyslog server
- encrypted pillar - still waiting for a volunteer
- move to N├╝rnberg - the included openID provider makes this a bit less boring. Ideally
we should separate it to _if_ openID survives

The full IRC log is attached to


Christian Boltz
Don't tell people to edit their polkit privileges to individual needs.
Make a usable system, or at least expose a big and visible button saying
"make this system usable".
[Linus Torvalds in]

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