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Re: [heroes] openSUSE Heroes Meeting in Nuremberg

Am Montag, 28. November 2016, 22:19:47 CET schrieb Lars Vogdt:
Am Mon, 28 Nov 2016 21:26:50 +0100 (CET)
schrieb Daniel Maslowski <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
The meeting is going to be this week, so I would like to quickly
check some facts. :)

Huch! ;-)

"Weihnachten kommt immer so plötzlich!" ;-)

(for those who don't understand german: this means "christmas always
springs up suddenly", but it looses a bit in the translation)

On October 20, 2016 at 3:43 PM Lars Vogdt <Lars.Vogdt@xxxxxxxx>
wrote: Just want to give you an update about the organization of
our openSUSE Heroes meeting, scheduled for:

Friday, 2016-12-02
Sunday, 2016-12-04

When would you like to start? I'll be in Nuremberg on Friday at 7am
and my train back departs on Sunday at 9pm.

As Lars said - ;-)

My current plan is to arrive around 10am, but if I'd be the last one,
I can start earlier (but I won't arrive at 7am ;-)
Driving back at 9pm (or even later) sounds good.

BTW: Are there some free or cheap parking lots near the SUSE office, or
should I park at a P&R (any recommendations?) and take the underground?

Things we might put on the table:
* SaltStack training
* SUSE Cloud training
* Packaging workshop
* Ticket wrangling
* Securing our infrastructure
* Documenting our infrastructure

Unless Lars wants to do write all the documentation, it would be helpful
to get to know something about the infrastructure first ;-)

This should also include a list of all * subdomains and
services. (Please don't simply post a list. This could become a funny
"can we name them all?" game ;-) - start writing your cheat sheets

* Discuss and decide about policies has some basics
we might use as a start.

* ...? (write your idea here)

Let me add some ideas (not only mine) from some old mails:

* clarify contact persons and responsibilities
* distribute tasks
* guided tour to the SUSE datacenter in Nurenberg ;-)

A big +1 for packaging, that's what I'm mostly excited about!

If you want to start with some simple, boring and on-topic examples, you
might want to look at

(Getting the Maps extension packaged was funny[tm] - composer isn't too

BTW: The MediaWiki search switched from Lucene to Elasticsearch.
Does one of you have experience with it? If so, I'd welcome an
Elasticsearch crash course ;-)

I found Elasticsearch packages in the OBS in security:logging, so at
least getting it installed should be easy.

Documentation should be the main goal imho. If we have good
documentation, anyone will be able to do anything, basically. :)

Let me warn you that I'll remind you to your words one day ;-)

We can start even on Friday morning already, depending on the arrival
time of the others. I would set a start time for the meeting once we
get some more feedback, if you agree...

Agreed ;-)


Christian Boltz
Ich weiß nicht, wieso ihr euch so echauffiert. Die Warnung ist doch
wirklich deutlich zu lesen auf der Packung. Da steht in großen,
deutlichen Lettern: "Microsoft". NATÜRLICH funktioniert das nicht.
Mehr als warnen können sie euch nicht.
[Fefe in de.alt.sysadmin.recovery]

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