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Re: [zypp-devel] Way how separate download and install package
  • From: Lukas Ocilka <lukas.ocilka@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2008 13:33:22 +0200
  • Message-id: <48492082.7060406@xxxxxxx>
Josef Reidinger wrote:
Lukas Ocilka wrote:
Stephan Kulow wrote:
You confuse use-cases. Other people want zypper to behave like smart:
download all packages and then install in one transaction. Josef's hack
only does the first part :)

OK, I was actually writing about the use-case from FATE and bugzilla and mailing-lists where users want exactly this ;)

Yes, for zypper, this might work ... but does it make sense to implement code that couldn't be reused? In the times of libzypp :)?


It can be reused, it is dry run policy in commit in libzypp. Only keepPackages must be allowed to don't delete downloaded files after fake install.

I'm adraid this doesn't work for installation with limited resources (memory, disk space), by default all sources during installation se keep_packages=false (please, remember the bug we had recently in installation).

And moreover downloading and installing in threads is faster than first downloading and then installing. And this is what our users want too.


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