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[zypp-commit] Build failed in Hudson: libzypp-head-i586 #771


[Michael Schroeder] - change 'keep' to 'keep obsolete'

A SCM change trigger started this job
[workspace] $ git fetch
Checking out origin/master
[workspace] $ git checkout -f origin/master
Previous HEAD position was 126df0b... Need an explicit str::asString( const
char * t )
HEAD is now at 62310e2... - change 'keep' to 'keep obsolete'
[workspace] $ git rev-parse origin/master
[workspace] $ git log --numstat -M --summary --pretty=raw
[locks-and-latches] Checking to see if we really have the locks
[locks-and-latches] Have all the locks, build can start
[workspace] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/
+ sudo -E /data/hudson/bin/ zypp libzypp head-i586
..copying source code*
..copying make script to /data/hudson/HUDSON-CHROOT/zypp-head-i586/root
... mounting sys
... mounting proc
... mounting pts
mount: special device none does not exist
Can't mount devpts /data/hudson/HUDSON-CHROOT/zypp-head-i586/dev/pts
... switching to chroot and starting build



starting build of libzypp

-- Libraries will be installed in /usr/lib
-- Config files will be installed in /etc
** Manual files will be installed in /usr/share/man
-- Writing spec file...
-- I hate you rpm-lint...!!!
-- rpm found: includes in /usr/include, library in /usr/lib/ (suspect
-- rpm found: enable rpm-4.4 legacy interface.
-- boost found: includes in /usr/include, library in /usr/lib
-- Found Gettext:
-- hal found: includes in /usr/include, library in /usr/lib/
-- dbus found: includes in /usr/include/dbus-1.0, library in
-- curl found: includes in /usr/include, library in /usr/lib/
-- libxml found: includes in /usr/include, library in /usr/lib/
-- satsolver found: includes in /usr/include, library in
/usr/lib/libsatsolver.a /usr/lib/libsatsolverext.a
-- doxygen found: /usr/bin/doxygen
-- soname: 619.2.4
-- version: 6.21.4
-- Writing pkg-config file...
-- FindZypp.cmake will be installed in /usr/share/cmake/Modules
-- zypp.conf will be installed in /etc/zypp
-- systemCheck will be installed in /etc/zypp
-- zsync not found
WARNING qt3 not found
-- Configuring done
-- Generating done
-- Build files have been written to: /build/libzypp
exit code: 0 ... good, lets continue
Built target svncheck
Run CPack packaging tool for source...
CPack: Create package using TBZ2
CPack: Install projects
CPack: - Install directory: /src/libzypp
CPack: Compress package
CPack: Finalize package
CPack: Package /build/libzypp/libzypp-6.21.4.tar.bz2 generated.
Built target srcpackage
exit code: 0 ... good, lets continue
exit code: 0 ... good, lets continue
error: Failed build dependencies:
cmake is needed by libzypp-6.21.4-0.src
openssl-devel is needed by libzypp-6.21.4-0.src
gcc-c++ is needed by libzypp-6.21.4-0.src
hal-devel is needed by libzypp-6.21.4-0.src
rpm-devel is needed by libzypp-6.21.4-0.src

( )
( ) (
) _ )
( \_
_(_\ \)__

build failed

stopping dbus..
Shutting down D-Bus daemon..done
... unmounting sys
... unmounting proc
... unmounting pts
umount: /data/hudson/HUDSON-CHROOT/zypp-head-i586/dev/pts: not mounted
Can't unmount devpts /data/hudson/HUDSON-CHROOT/zypp-head-i586/dev/pts
[locks-and-latches] Releasing all the locks
[locks-and-latches] All the locks released
Archiving artifacts

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