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Duncan Mac-Vicar P

03 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : aria2: disable pre file allocation
03 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : add line end
03 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : add string accessor for Regex
03 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : my testcase for testing aria reports
03 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : changes
03 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : backup
03 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : aria: add right progress and speed reporting
03 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : implement failover correctly
03 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : avoid broken pipe when looking for aria
03 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : require new satsolver
03 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : add bug for this change
03 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : no need include again
03 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : method to reset the transfer settings
03 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : reset settings on attach to avoid duplicating headers
03 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : more changes for 6.2.1
04 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : require sat-solver 0.14.0
05 Mar [zypp-commit] <zypper> master : require factory libzypp to avoid people mixing them
06 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : aria2: show the download speed in the right units
06 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : changes
06 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : aria2: show the filename in progress, not the repository
06 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : already released to factory
06 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : changes
06 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : aria2: don't show done twice
06 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : changes
24 Mar [zypp-commit] <backend> SuSE-SLE-10-SP3-Branch : add program to see locked items from libzypp perspective
24 Mar [zypp-commit] <backend> SuSE-SLE-10-SP3-Branch : new release with locks fix
24 Mar [zypp-commit] <backend> SuSE-SLE-10-SP3-Branch : Update ignores
24 Mar [zypp-commit] <backend> SuSE-SLE-10-SP3-Branch : Rework the log reader to support locks not defined by a glob
25 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> SuSE-SLE-10-SP3-Branch : compile on new systems

Ján Kupec

04 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : changes
04 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : zypp.conf: fixed and enabled 'servicesdir'.
06 Mar [zypp-commit] <zypper> master : Fixed FindReadline to find shared lib, not static.
06 Mar [zypp-commit] <zypper> master : changes
06 Mar [zypp-commit] <zypper> master : Avoid control chars in non-terminal output (bnc #440822).
06 Mar [zypp-commit] <zypper> master : Slight introduction of colors.
06 Mar [zypp-commit] <zypper> master : Use darker color for progress output.
06 Mar [zypp-commit] <zypper> master : bash-completion: Allow empty spaces in repos names.
06 Mar [zypp-commit] <zypper> master : Fixed uninitialized _shown_count in prompt.
10 Mar [zypp-commit] <zypper> master : Explictly assigned numbers to zypper commands enum.
10 Mar [zypp-commit] <zypper> master : Avoid control chars in non-terminal output (bnc #440822).
10 Mar [zypp-commit] <zypper> master : changes
10 Mar [zypp-commit] <zypper> master : Fixed noarch->anyarch and vice-versa update (bnc #483179).
10 Mar [zypp-commit] <zypper> master : list-updates fix (bnc #483910)
11 Mar [zypp-commit] <zypper> master : --requires and --recommends added to info command
11 Mar [zypp-commit] <zypper> master : Get rid of CommandOptions - it has no future :O)
11 Mar [zypp-commit] <zypper> master : changes
12 Mar [zypp-commit] <zypper> master : Config struct added.
12 Mar [zypp-commit] <zypper> master : changes
13 Mar [zypp-commit] <zypper> master : Improved color handling, prepared for zypper.conf.
18 Mar [zypp-commit] <zypper> master : changes
18 Mar [zypp-commit] <zypper> master : Show the default option in dialog in parentheses.
18 Mar [zypp-commit] <zypper> master : minor fix

Klaus Kämpf

02 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Move owneship of char* to swig
02 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Remove Pool destructor
02 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Make memory ownership control more fine-grained
06 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Document classes and methods in rdoc-style
06 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Generate rdoc documentation
06 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : keysize -> size
06 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Dont install rdoc files, handle this as %doc during package build
06 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : More rdoc-style documentation
06 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : fix mandriva packaging of satsolver-ruby
09 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Add a no-op Pool destructor
09 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : improved comments
09 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : fix typo
09 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Generate Ruby rdoc documentation from swig input files
09 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Bindings documentation improvements
09 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Build and install ruby-satsolver documentation
10 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Add %newobject to track newly created objects better
11 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : improve documentation
11 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Fix module handling
11 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Only take the first method definition into account
12 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Add comments, remove debug print
12 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Fix %module recognition
12 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp-bindings> master : Fix RepoInfo::baseUrls() etc.
12 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Further improve documenation for consumation by rdoc
13 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Fix rename/typedef/extend detection
13 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Move %newobject before comment
13 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Further documentation improvements and cross-referencing
17 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Fix debug print
17 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Let the Python binding return a bool from Solver.solve() as described in
17 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : add 'equality' operator for Pool
17 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : don't insist on "typedef struct" for classes
17 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Add test for product provider
18 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Solver result iterators for Python
25 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Fix finding the constructor
25 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Find the right comment of a renamed method
25 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Add extend_name to NormalModule
25 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Find correct class comment
25 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : provide 'Solver.sizechange' to compute the changes of the installed
25 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : find module and class (vs. instance) methods and comments
26 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : remove %{...%} 'C' inserts in order to prevent picking up definitions
27 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : add Solvable.location and fix documentation
27 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Add test for solvable.location
27 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : fix keysize -> size for Python
27 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Adapt to the solver_problemruleinfo -> solver_ruleinfo namechange
27 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Re-create full rdoc documenation on 'make'
27 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Fix function detection
27 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : mark Dataiterator constructor as internal
30 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : fix 'attr' declaration and comment for rdoc
30 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Provide 'Repo.attr(String)' accessor function for repository attributes
30 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Be more liberal when scanning %extend
30 Mar [zypp-commit] <sat-solver> master : Dont put documentation within %{...%}

Michael Andres

02 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> SuSE-Code-11-Branch : ResStatus transition testcase
02 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> SuSE-Code-11-Branch : disable testcase logging to stderr
02 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : ResStatus transition testcase
03 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : changes
03 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : Adapt to changed satsolver API.
03 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> SuSE-Code-11-Branch : Adapt to changed satsolver API.
03 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> SuSE-Code-11-Branch : changes
03 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : Reintroduce ResStatus UninstalledDueToObsolete.
04 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : backup
05 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : Add tools/ToolScanRepos: Load repos from URL to test system below /tmp/
05 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : changes
05 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : Remove a lock if the locking process is in zombie state. (bnc #481577)
05 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> SuSE-Code-11-Branch : changes
05 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> SuSE-Code-11-Branch : Remove a lock if the locking process is in zombie state. (bnc #481577)
05 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : comment updated
06 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : Add digest algorithm names and digest creation from string.
06 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : New static RepoManager::makeStupidAlias([Url]) returning a repo alias
12 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : Resolver: add setSystemVerification, setDefaultSystemVerification and systemVerification
12 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : backup
12 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : Reduce solver logging
12 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : changes
12 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : Add Resolver::setSolveSrcPackages to per default disable solving of source package dependencies. We will later allow to enable it per package.
13 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : Fix Package::sourcePkgName, add sourcePkgLongName returning "name-version-release.type"
13 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : fix missing class scope
20 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> SuSE-Code-11-Branch : changes
20 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> SuSE-Code-11-Branch : Fix Patch::categoryEnum.
20 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : Fix Patch::categoryEnum.
25 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> SuSE-SLE-10-SP3-Branch : Fix wrong parenthesis causing bug 399320
25 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> SuSE-SLE-10-SP3-Branch : changelog
25 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> SuSE-SLE-10-SP3-Branch : Invoke gpg with --homdir
25 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> SuSE-SLE-10-SP3-Branch : warning removed
25 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> SuSE-SLE-10-SP3-Branch : - Import newer gpg keys if a trusted key is updated
25 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> SuSE-SLE-10-SP3-Branch : Let libzypp-devel package requirelibzypp by version. (bnc #405032)
25 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> SuSE-SLE-10-SP3-Branch : Also check if the fingerprint matches before importing updated keys. (bnc #393160)
25 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> SuSE-SLE-10-SP3-Branch : typo
26 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : SolvIterMixin: Add default implementation for empty, size and contains.
31 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : Add zypp.conf(download.media_preference): Hint which media to prefer when installing packages (download vs. CD).
31 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : changes
31 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : New class MediaPriority: Derive a numeric priority from Url scheme according to zypp.conf(download.media_preference).
31 Mar [zypp-commit] <libzypp> master : Use repositories subpriority to tell the solver about media preferences.
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