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Re: [yast-devel] storage and used_features
On 10/12/20 10:52 AM, Arvin Schnell wrote:


bug #1065588 is still open. It deals with the installation of
NTFS packages if an NTFS file system is found on the system. Even
though the file system is not mounted YaST wants to install the
NTFS tools. Some users do not like that behaviour.

The idea already mentioned in the bug is to make the used
features as reported by libstorage-ng more relaxed: When a file
system is present but not mounted the corresponding used feature
will not be set. So YaST will not propose to install the tools.

I think this has one disadvantage: When making a new installation
the NTFS tools will not be installed (since AFAIR YaST does not
create entries in fstab for those anymore). Anyway, now users or
desktop environments cannot mount NTFS. That looks like a
regression to me.

So my proposal is to have a used_features() function in
libstorage-ng that takes an argument, say REQUIRED and
SUGGESTED. During installation YaST would install the SUGGESTED
tools. In the running system it would only install the REQUIRED

Does that look fine?

I'm not sure. That would still not fix the issue reported by the user in
bug#1065588. If during installation we install all suggested packages he
will still get NTFS tools, so nothing would have been improved for him.

Currently during installation we use
Yast::PackagesProposal.SetResolvables to mark the required packages for
installation. I guess that function turns the packages into some kind of
mandatory hard dependency.

I don't know whether there is a more relaxed alternative that also add
the packages to the list but does not complain if the user deselects
them later. In that case, we could indeed use the two categories
(required/suggested) during installation. Using SetResolvables for the
required ones and the more relaxed method for the suggested.

This has one additional consequence: The user could use YaST to
just create an XFS. In that case the XFS tools are not required
in the final system - but surely they are required to create the
XFS. So the actiongraph will also have a used_features() function
and YaST must install the corresponding tools.

Yes, using the actiongraph as the main criteria to decide which packages
should be installed when the Partitioner is executed in an installed
system was already mentioned in this comment in another bug report:

So yes, a used_features() for the actiongraph would indeed be useful.

Ancor González Sosa
YaST Team at SUSE Software Solutions
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