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Re: [yast-devel] Build Times Strikes Back
On Wed, Jun 26, 2019 at 10:39:56AM +0200, Josef Reidinger wrote:

The build times look high to me. On my machine 'osc build' takes
less than 500s (uses make -j8).

Maybe some workers specific? I check more places where it builds and in
factory it took 2261 seconds[1]. Maybe disk seeking? or less powerfull cpu?
In this case it is j4, so still not two times slower then your j8. I found
that peek memory usage is 2708 Mbyte ( visible in [1] ), so maybe just adding
constrain file that require at least 4GiB of RAM can help to prevent swaping
and also helps with caching of disk content?

Could be worth a try since setting a constraint of 4 GiB physical
memory does decrease the number of available build hosts on

That should work. I have a hackish bash script that does so (even
in parallel to the rest) and uses about 6m.

6m just bindings? or whole build? maybe it would be worth try. Or maybe
really try that less hacking non recursive or alternative build
tool. Not sure what will probide the most benefits.

6m for everything (library, bindings, tests, examples) after
'make clean'.

ciao Arvin

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