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[yast-devel] Globbing in Shell and in Ruby


I was debugging a random build failure of the yast2 package in OBS [1] and I'd
to share my findings.

You can use `ls *.foo` in shell or `Dir.glob("*.foo")` in Ruby to get the files
matching the glob pattern. However, there is a tiny but in some cases a crucial

From "man bash":

bash scans each word for the characters *, ?, and [. If one of these
appears, then the word is regarded as a pattern, and replaced with an
alphabetically sorted list of filenames matching the pattern

The Ruby implementation does not do any sorting so
`ls *.foo | head -n 1` is not the same as `Dir.glob("*.foo").first` !!
(The same implementation would be `Dir.glob("*.foo").sort.first`.)

The Ruby result depends on the low level system state (file system, disk
fragmentation, etc.), the order is not guaranteed. That's why the test randomly

The code has been fixed in [2].



Best Regards

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