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Re: [yast-devel] storage-ng and cloud storage
On 05/30/2017 12:38 PM, Arvin Schnell wrote:
On Tue, May 30, 2017 at 09:00:02AM +0200, Josef Reidinger wrote:

yesterday we are discussing a bit plans about merge storage-ng, new
partitioner and such stuff into SLE15 and according to Factory first rule
also to tumbleweed and it looks like we like to integrate it as early as
possible to get some feedback, which is good.

On other hand, from user perspective it will look like that we reduce number
of working features and do not provide anything new for them, so new storage
would be regression for them. So I get idea that it would be great if we can
add at least one new "free-cool-in" feature that make sense for SLE and also
opensuse users. That is widely used and also easy to implement ( as we are
already quite busy with development ) and after some googling I think that
allowing to easy mount cloud storage in expert partitioner can be exactly
that feature. For SLE we should support ceph ( so easy integration with SUSE
storage ) and for opensuse it make sense to support at least one public
cloud storage provider ( like google drive, AWS, Azure blob, rackspace, etc.
which is the easiest to implement ). I think it is trending enough feature,
it should not be hard to implement ( basically entry in fstab ), it has UI (
so easy to demonstrate ) and everybody knows it.

Why not provide features actually requested? E.g.

- root filesystem encryption without LVM

This almost works, just grub fails to install>
- bcache support

Probing is already implemented.

Yes, the current guided setup is way more powerful than the old proposal
settings. As Arvin said, root encryption has been requested many times
and now it will be possible. A pretty good selling point.

The so-called level 2 of the AutoYaST is also a completely new feature
that could be very useful for many customers.

There are also another improvements related with the proposal that we
will be able to implement with very little work, like integrating the
proposal with the expert partitioner, so you manually create/select your
root partition and then let the proposal calculate the rest while
respecting your hand-made decisions. Let's call it the hybrid mode ;-)

Or maybe an advanced checkbox in the guided setup so you can "pretend"
you are using UEFI even when is not true in the very same moment you are
running the installation (yes, we also have reports from people that
install in legacy mode to then switch to UEFI after installation).

So there are some features we can trade in exchange for the missing ones
(whatever they are). :-)

Ancor González Sosa
YaST Team at SUSE Linux GmbH
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