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Re: [yast-devel] storage-ng and cloud storage
On 30.05.2017 09:00, Josef Reidinger wrote:
- Do you think it makes sense?


It is completely unrelated, nobody (in particular no product manager) requested this, and it opens a new level of complexity and a host of potential problems (that are very likely to materialize very quickly).

We don't need to invent additional workload; it will be hard enough (and enough work) as it is. Please do not introduce creeping featuritis (well, actually not "creeping" but "gallopping") to add to the overall burden.

- Does it make sense to add support for it also in libstorage-ng?
> And if so, how hard it will be?

Same answer as above.

- Does it make sense to also allow non-root access to partitioner via
> pam-mount configuration, so each user can mount his own google drive?

Aside from the security hazard aspects, why add yet another layer of authentication complexity here? We have "sudo" and related. If there is the need to award additional privileges to a user, IMHO that would be the the first approach (if anybody actually nees that - which I still doubt).

This has the added benefit that *we* would not "roll our own" which is always a bad thing in all security-related things. If we rely on a proven, existing mechanism, it's not us who at some point in the future will have to fix security problems (and backport them to who knows how many older releases).

In general my estimation how fast I can do this feature without
> libstorage-ng and with augeas for fstab is one week of work.

See RFC 1925 paragraph 8, and as a corollary paragraph 3.

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