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[yast-devel] Report from OpenSUSE Conference
  • From: Josef Reidinger <jreidinger@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 28 May 2017 21:20:07 +0200
  • Message-id: <20170528212028.348337ac@linux-vvcf.privatesite>
## Report from OpenSUSE conference 2017

### YaST new module workshop

In general better attended then the one in Dubrovnik. I think using
skeleton is good, so it can more focus on explaning what is what and
where to find info. Idea: Maybe it is time to revive skeleton generator
for YaST modules, but more modular, as YaST already have a lot of
common structures and toolings. It just should be more modular and
easier to maintain. So it can e.g. generate CFA model for given file,
generate new dialog, CWM widget, add travis conf and such stuff.

Feedback from this part - yast_devel pattern sucks and we should update
it. Also a person was hit by problem with different version of rspec
gem and system ruby.

Then part with YaST::Execute started. With some help everyone has
working code.

Feedback from this part:

Silent errors are confusing for developers (when method failed,
it is silently ignored and they cannot check it, they are confused what
to do). As inspiration I create pull request to have in YaST::Execute
also methods variants that do not show popup for errors and simply
doesn't catch cheetah exception.

Cheetah documentation itself missing promotion why it is better then
built-in ruby shell executors. I already have it written down from one
of my presentation, so it should be added there.

When I talk about CFA it looks attendends are already a bit tired.
I do not see much feedback from this part, probably because we already
almost run out of time.

Person who came here just to learn something about ruby burned out and
leave after two hours. But when we talk later he said that he is
impresed by ruby and plan to read something more about it. It is just
too much new information to hold.

Other YaST guys who were there do not hesitate to write what I forgot
or what I did not notice. At the end I would like to thanks ancor for
organizing it.

### My talk - YaST News

Presentation was good, looks like everything is clear for audience.
Having presentation after lunch break when sun is shinning really sucks.

### Interesting Parts from Other Talks

Ancor's talk was well explained how our ecosystem works. For me the
most intesting was question at the end of talk from audience why we do
not have in Tumbleweed two yast modules that are in enterprise
distribution and one that was mentioned was s390 ( so I suspect that
guy was from IBM and second module is probably reipl ). As IBM is
trying to make an opensuse spin for s390, maybe it make sense to also
have those two modules in factory?

Lada's presenantation about atom convince me to try it. Its
extendability and using css for style and js for functionality really
lowers barrier to adapt it for my best productivity. Just need find
some time.

Arvin's talk about storage-ng was good. Finally I get whole picture
about design and pictures really helps to understand old and new design.

Imo's talk about salt and autoyast was well presented. I think
everything is clear for audience and it nicely fills picture from
previous day talk about Kubic.

Craig Gardner's talk about devops has interesting point, that it is
good to breath a bit after delivery, which SCRUM sprint implicitelly
don't do. Also it is important not just to add new cool stuff, but also
drop no longer needed or efficient ones. Not just from user POV, but
also in whole proces of development.

libabigail talk was about automatic checking of ABI changes in ELF ( so
C/C++). Interesting talk and I think it will be really interesting if
it will be turn into service and write to e.g. pull requests all ABI
changes, to check if it is OK. It now recognize red ( ABI
incompatible), grey ( need check ) and green ( ABI compatible )
changes. Currently used in fedora. Maybe we can use it for C/C++ parts
of our code?

### Feedback from venue talks

YaST ncurses frontend missing mouse support even if ncurses already
allows it. It is especially annoying in env which already eat some
shortcuts and when there are a lot of widgets in dialog, as tab order
is sometimes quite unpredictible.

Feedback regarding email topic about placing lot of widgets to one
dialog. In replies were multiple solutions mentioned. It would be nice
to have one well supported solution for such task.

Discussing with Richard Brown state of which
looks for me a bit dead. We agreed that it doesn't work well and there
is a plan to drop it. I provide input, that for developers who would
like to help opensuse or even for our sprints planning it would be
great if output of new solution is sorted list of features according to
priority, so it is clear what is the most important. Problem is that
openSUSE doesn't have project manager. Also history shown that voting
is not solution. So how to recognize what will benefit the most of
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