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[yast-devel] YaST-related talks/workshops in oSC'17
Just for you information, I have submitted the following two abstracts
for openSUSE Conference 2017. I'm sharing them here just to keep track
of the YaST-related content we will deliver.

Feel free to help with "my" talk/workshop (definitely the workshop would
benefit from having different speakers for each technology) or share
here the ones you have submitted.

FORMAT: 15 min talk
TITLE: YaST: from the repository to the distributions
SUBTITLE: Continuous testing and delivery, the YaST way
In this talk we will briefly explore all the mechanisms and workflows
used by the YaST developers in order to share as much code as possible
between all the SUSE and openSUSE distributions, while ensuring the
quality of all the different YaST modules.

Learn how Rake, unit tests, Github, Jenkins, Travis, OBS and even Docker
are used to deliver the developer's work to the already released
products (via maintenance updates), to the ones still to be released and
to our rolling distribution Tumbleweed.

FORMAT: 3 hours workshop
TITLE: Develop a YaST module in the 21st century way
SUBTITLE: Enjoyable object-oriented YaST development
YaST, the openSUSE beloved Swiss army knife, has been around since 1996.
The history of quite some components still present in the current
version can be tracked back to 1999. In 2013 the code was automatically
converted from YCP, a purpose-specific procedural programming language,
to Ruby, a general-purpose object oriented one. Since then, the YaST
team has been trying to steady replace many YCP components and paradigms
with new object-oriented, test-driven ones.

In this workshop we will develop a new YaST module from scratch using
the new Ruby-based approach. That is, object oriented dialogs and
clients, CFA to modify the configuration files, Cheetah to execute
system commands, RSpec tests and so on.

Attendees are expected to be proficient with object oriented programming
(preferably Ruby) and to have an recent openSUSE system (can be a
virtual machine) to follow the workshop. Having read the YaST
development tutorial in advance would definitely be a plus.

That's all folks.

Ancor González Sosa
YaST Team at SUSE Linux GmbH
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