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[yast-devel] An interesting Ruby exercise for a Friday
As part of the re-implementation of the Encrypted LVM proposal I needed
to store a password inside and object, but I didn't want to simply do

class SomeClass
attr_accessor :name
attr_accessor :password

because I felt it was relatively easy to leak the password to the logs
accidentally just by doing "A something object #{an_instance_of_that_class.inspect}"

Redefining #to_s and #inspect for every class containing a password is
cumbersome and error prone. So I decided to create an alternative to
attr_accessor with the same behavior but with enhanced protection
against leaks. So you can do

class SomeClass
include Yast::SecretAttributes

attr_accessor :name
secret_attr :password

And all calls to #to_s, #inspect are safe. Even using formatters like
pretty_print or awesome_print should be safe.

Here is a gist with two possible implementations. I would go for the
first one because is "less magic". But I also wanted to share the second
alternative because I consider it to be an interesting Ruby exercise
(redefining methods at instance level).

Do you like it enough to be included in yast2 or should I keep it just
in the y2storage namespace?

Any obvious drawback in the implementation?

I'm writing RSpec tests right now, before you ask.

Ancor González Sosa
YaST Team at SUSE Linux GmbH
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