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Re: [yast-devel] Wizard buttons mess
On 08/02/17 09:24, Josef Reidinger wrote:
Hi developers,

Hi Josef,

I was again hit by issue with enabling disabling buttons in wizard and
also its renaming and having six parameters to all wizard dialogs are
wrong from API POV.

So what I proposing?

Create configuration class that have names and enablement for all
buttons in wizard, reasonable defaults for it and can be passed as
argument or apply to wizard it itself.

so instead of
def InstDialog(enable_next: true, enable_back: true, enable_abort:
true, next_label: Label.Next, back_label: Label.Back, abort_label:

will API look like
def InstDialog(buttons:

What do you think?

From my POV it makes sense. I was also considering something like this
for AutoYaST integration tests because we have a pretty similar
scenario[1]. In my case, the configuration could be "promoted" to a
class on its own.



Imobach González Sosa
YaST team at SUSE LINUX GmbH
Twitter: @imobachgs

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