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[yast-devel] Yast UI bindings documentation resurrected!
I was hitted by old documentation for our UI bindings which currently
we cannot update and use version from opensuse 11.3(!!!). So I decide
to do something with it. Goals are to NIH as much as possible and to be
automatically updated. Result is at [1].

Currently old documentation is written in combination of yastdoc
( looks like javadoc or doxygen documentation ) and docbook. Currently
I focus only yastdoc part. It is a lot of documentation, so I decide to
just tune a bit doxygen to understand it, even if result is not perfect.

For publishing I use third party side that allows uploading of static
pages called, which have travis integration, so travis after
passing all test and after merge of pull request will publish new
version of documentation.

Advantage is also easy local run, just run `rake doc` and it will do
everything for you.

What is currently missing and would be nice:

- linking from ( maybe keep both old and new link, as
old have also also docbook info and nicer UI now )

- modified style ( nicer css, modified header and footer, etc )

- adapt documentation ( add pictures, some title for examples, for
widgets make header of arguments, convert some old ycp code and so on

- nicer initial page with more info

- convert and update content of old docbook documentation to markdown

I will welcome any help or comments.


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