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[yast-devel] The Desktop Selection Screen

Hello all,

I'd like to discuss this issue
with title "revamp the desktop selection screen".
It's all about this [1] dialog.

We were discussing this feature on the SCRUM planning meeting and
it turned out that we actually need to better understand the reasons for the

The problem is that the desktop selection cannot be easily replaced by the
selection because there are several technical and UX issues:

1) The pattern selector [2] contains the "Details" button which starts the full
package selection [3]. That means the user can also select individual
change some package management flags, etc...

That means we would need to disable (remove) that button and this would
a change in the API between the Ruby code and the libyui frontends (ncurses,

2) Another problem is that after manual pattern selection we would need to
the selected patterns. The software selection can be reset later in the
installation proposal in some specific situations.

In the past there was a combobox which allowed resetting the proposal
by user, that's gone. But IIRC the reset still could be invoked by YaST
And in that case we need to restore the original user selection.

(These two issues are not critical, just be aware that the change might not be
that simple as it might seem on the first look...)

3) Selecting the individual patterns might a bit strange from UX POV I think.
If you choose KDE or GNOME you can still change the selected patterns or
later in the SW proposal.

Would it make more sense to just offer the "Text mode" and/or "Minimal X"
and leave the user to modify/extend that later? We would probably need to
this fact directly at the desktop dialog as currently it's not clear that the
package selection can be fine tuned (or even change completely) later...

So the question is what is actually the use case behind? Ludwig, what you want
achieve or what's the problem with the current approach? The issue mentions only
obsolete or unmaintained XFCE or E17n, could we simply remove them and offer
something else?

Any other opinions or ideas how to improve this dialog?


Ladislav Slezák
YaST Developer

SUSE LINUX, s.r.o.
Corso IIa
Křižíkova 148/34
18600 Praha 8
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