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[yast-devel] Reusing volume groups in the new partition proposal
We are discussing here what to do when reusing an existing volume group
in the new storage proposal and I would like to hear as many opinions as
possible, as I don't know what is better.

What the old (current) proposal does
(A longer version of this explanation including examples is available in
a comment at for those with access.)

The old proposal only reuses a VG called "system". If such VG exists and
is big enough, the required LVs will be created there.

The previous LVs will not be touched if there is enough free space.
Otherwise, as many LVs as needed will be deleted (not necessarily all of

There is one special case. The proposal reuses (reformats) any LV named
"root" (if it's big enough, I assume).

What the code in yast-storage-ng#pr111 does
The new proposal decides which VG to reuse (if any) based on the size,
not on the name.

There is no reusing of LVs. The proposal simply deletes as many previous
LVs as needed to make space for ours (it deletes none if there is enough
free space already at the beginning). Pretty much like the old proposal

What's under discussion
Steffen suggested that we should always just delete all LVs when reusing
an existing VG. At least in the case when we don't fit into the original
free space.

That would mean less logic to maintain, of course, but I wonder whether
its a step backwards.

So I guess the question is - does it makes sense to be conservative when
deleting LVs (trying to delete as few as possible) or should we go
directly all the way through?

Ancor González Sosa
YaST Team at SUSE Linux GmbH
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