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Re: Fwd: Re: [yast-devel] Query on localization of patterns name and description
Dne 9.11.2016 v 10:50 Suresh K Hosamani napsal(a):

I had sent multiple mails on the attached query, in case if its not possible
I will
fall back to .pat.gz format for patterns.

In SLE12 the pattern packages are represent the patterns on RPM level. In SLE11
patterns were handled only on the libzypp level, RPM did not know that there
was something like a pattern. So you could not work with patterns with plain

In SLE12 there are patterns-* packages which represent patterns on the RPM
They can Require/Recommend RPMs as normal packages do and they are visible for

So your approach is OK. I haven't checked whether your patterns-*.rpm packages
are correct, but at least you are the right direction.

Also the translations are handled differently. They are provided using the
RPM "Provides" dependencies. E.g.

rpm -qp --provides patterns-sles-base-12-72.1.x86_64.rpm
pattern() = .basesystem
pattern() = base
pattern-category() = Base%20Technologies
pattern-category(ar) =
pattern-category(ca) = Tecnologies%20de%20base
pattern-category(cs) = Z%C3%A1kladn%C3%AD%20technologie
pattern-category(da) = Basisteknologier
pattern-category(de) = Basistechnologien

So there are special language provides with escaped texts.

I do not know how these are generated, the SLES patterns simply BuildRequire
"package-translations" package. See [1].

Ask the build service team for more details, this is out of the YaST scope.


[internal only]

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YaST Developer

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