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Re: [yast-devel] Issue with proposal handling
On Wed, Aug 17, 2016 at 12:20:41AM -0600, Suresh K Hosamani wrote:
Need urgent help on this, by next week I need to be ready for the first iso.

Hi Suresh,

I am sorry, for the delay, I've had several meetings in the past days.

"Suresh K Hosamani" <SureshK.Hosamani@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 8/16/16 2:48 PM >>>
Hi Martin,

You can access the content of iso at

What I understood from the code is, every proposal module gets the
"rich_text_title", "menu_title" and "id" from modulename_proposal.rb file,

Ex. elsif @func == "Description"
# Determine if we should be in the proposal screen or not.
@force_proposal = Ops.get_boolean(@param, "force_proposal", false)
@isSelected = NovellPatterns.IsPatternInstalled("novell-sms") #
FIXME: is this needed anymore?
@isSelected = @isSelected &&
Builtins.y2milestone("Proposal:IsSelected:novell-sms: %1",
if @isSelected || @force_proposal
@ret = {
# Rich text title for Sms in proposals
"rich_text_title" => _(
"Storage Management Services (SMS)"
# Menu title for Sms in proposals
"menu_title" => _(
"&Storage Management Services (SMS)"
"id" => "sms"
@ret = {}
# write the proposal
In my case, since the pattern is not installed, proposal module is not
returning "rich_text_title", "menu_title" and "id", so its considering the
modulename_proposal as the rich_text_title and creating a link as module_1
module_2 etc..

Note: Since OES is not yet ready on SLES12, I am using OES2015SP1 (on
sles11sp4) and installing by breaking the dependencies.

OK, I am now installing the above URL as an add-on to SLES12-SP2
RC1. I had to ignore many RPM dependencies in the installation
proposal. I also had to ignore a missing package signing key about
100 times :-/ so the next time I should install with "insecure"

I have finally reproduced the problem.
I have filed it as

Martin Vidner, YaST Team

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