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Re: [yast-devel] Issue with proposal handling

Need urgent help on this, by next week I need to be ready for the first iso.

"Suresh K Hosamani" <SureshK.Hosamani@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 8/16/16 2:48 PM >>>
Hi Martin,

You can access the content of iso at

What I understood from the code is, every proposal module gets the
"rich_text_title", "menu_title" and "id" from modulename_proposal.rb file,

Ex. elsif @func == "Description"
# Determine if we should be in the proposal screen or not.
@force_proposal = Ops.get_boolean(@param, "force_proposal", false)
@isSelected = NovellPatterns.IsPatternInstalled("novell-sms") #
FIXME: is this needed anymore?
@isSelected = @isSelected &&
Builtins.y2milestone("Proposal:IsSelected:novell-sms: %1",
if @isSelected || @force_proposal
@ret = {
# Rich text title for Sms in proposals
"rich_text_title" => _(
"Storage Management Services (SMS)"
# Menu title for Sms in proposals
"menu_title" => _(
"&Storage Management Services (SMS)"
"id" => "sms"
@ret = {}
# write the proposal
In my case, since the pattern is not installed, proposal module is not
returning "rich_text_title", "menu_title" and "id", so its considering the
modulename_proposal as the rich_text_title and creating a link as module_1
module_2 etc..

Note: Since OES is not yet ready on SLES12, I am using OES2015SP1 (on
sles11sp4) and installing by breaking the dependencies.

Martin Vidner <mvidner@xxxxxxx> 8/15/16 4:34 PM >>>
On Wed, Aug 10, 2016 at 10:22:14PM -0600, Suresh K Hosamani wrote:

I need this bit urgently for generating the OES iso on SLES12, I can provide
more info on this.

Suresh K Hosamani 8/9/16 3:34 PM >>>

OES has around 17 modules and each module refers to a pattern, based on the
pattern selection and installation, corresponding proposals will be executed
and information will be displayed the summary screen (from read method), bu
on SLES12, even though the pattern is not installed proposal will be
displayed as modulename_proposal with a hyper link to module_1 module_2

Looking at proposal_store, if the description id is not available for the
proposals for which pattern is not installed, its getting displayed as
modulename_proposal with a hyper link to module_1 module_2 etc...

For OES, it should display the proposals for which pattern is installed.

Hi Suresh,

sorry, I cannot quite understand your problem. Are we talking about
the installation proposal? Or about another proposal ran during the
2nd stage of the installation?

Can you phrase your question in terms of the contents of the control
file, like here?

If you already have an ISO where the problem can be demonstrated, can
we download it? Or can you share (a portion of) your control file?

Martin Vidner, YaST Team

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