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[yast-devel] Re: [Research] Call for ideas: parted vs. udev-events vs. kernel
On 2016-05-25 18:23, Michael Matz wrote:
We consider that a bug
(, but it does not seem
to be easy to fix. Any contribution to that would be very welcome.

See attached, fixes the bug by always opening read-only and lazily
switching to read-write only when necessary (i.e. a write or flush
operation occurs). No libparted API changes, purely internal to the linux
"backend". I think I got all places where _ensure_read_write must be
called, if you hit problems it should be easy to diagnose, because a
forgotten call will lead to obvious errors for using a write on a
read-only FD, so should be easy to diagnose and add.
(also contains a local fix when not using blkid)

Wow, thanks! That looks *very* promising.

Since I won't be back before June 6 (and then there will be that week-long CSM workshop in Z-Bau in the S├╝dstadt), I'd ask Steffen, Arvin or Ancor to start testing with that patch so we can get it into SP2.

Kind regards
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