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Re: [yast-devel] Porting yast-apparmor

Am Montag, 23. Mai 2016, 07:43:59 CEST schrieb Goldwyn Rodrigues:
Apparmor has switched from perl to python (version 3.4). Most of the
tools/libraries are written in python. All earlier perl modules have
been deprecated.
OTOH, yast is moving towards ruby deprecating python bindings, but
still keeping the perl-bindings.

This leaves the fate of yast-apparmor in a bit unsupported state.

"a bit"? ;-)

2.8 was the last AppArmor version with perl-based tools, and they were
not maintained too much ;-) (look at the perl code to understand the
reason *eg*)

Since 2.9, we have the python-based tools with more readable code and
less bugs.

I have tried rubypython, but it supports python version 2.7 only.
Supporting version 3 and above is not in their agenda as yet. Another
ruby module "python" is not actively developed/maintained.

So, I am asking for options on how we can take the development of
yast-apparmor forward.

One of the options is to create dbus interface between servers_non_y2
and clients. But that would require another process running in the
background for event loop. It comes with it the steps of cleaning up
the process on a exit/kill etc.

Any other ideas? I am pushing for the comeback of python bindings if
possible ;)

I'm thinking about implementing an alternative interface to aa-logprof
and aa-genprof that uses JSON instead of user-readable text. (This is
just an idea, no code for this exists yet.)

This would mean that YaST would start "aa-logprof --json", get the
questions in JSON format (the exact format still needs to be defined),
convert it into a matching YaST dialog, and send back the user response
to aa-logprof.

It would also mean that you don't need to worry about the programming
language because you just read and write JSON from/to a pipe, and that
YaST gets all enhancements in aa-logprof automatically.

Does that sound like a good idea?

Note: "no code yet" also means that I can't promise a date when
aa-logprof --json will be available ;-)

The YaST "profile editor" is a different story. I didn't think about a
solution for it yet, but it should be possible to parse and convert a
profile to JSON somehow. The interesting question is how we can teach
YaST about allowed values without re-implementing everything in YaST.

BTW: Will you be at the openSUSE conference? If yes, we can talk there


Christian Boltz
Superior to what? Yes, HTML is superior at transporting viruses and
malware onto your computer or causing other inappropriate actions to
occur. [Tom Taylor in opensuse-factory about HTML mails]

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