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Re: [yast-devel] Yast packages .spec cleanups
On 22.3.2016 13:43, Josef Reidinger wrote:
On Tue, 22 Mar 2016 13:06:51 +0100
Tomas Chvatal <tchvatal@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Any other requirements you would like to see and know? Overall of
course he will test the packages and install them so we are fairly
sure if it actually works ;-)

Good, just ensure that old version is not installed, otherwise it can
work even if something is not installed.

BTW I encouraged him to join our IRC and discuss what he finds as
currently there is combination of packages using rake, autotools and

My requirement is "simple" and similar to Josef's:

- Learn what we do now, why and how (learn about our expectations)
- Define your/his expectations
- Discuss the proposed change with the team (Josef seems to have
volunteered for being the primary contact, but there are more experts
- Change it via a PR

All discussion can be either here on a ML, or at our IRC or he can talk to people face to face or video to video at Jangouts.

Just a side note: I support this idea :)


Lukas Ocilka, Systems Management (Yast) Team Leader
SLE Department, SUSE Linux
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