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Re: [yast-devel] Yast packages .spec cleanups
Josef Reidinger píše v Út 22. 03. 2016 v 13:43 +0100:
4) Do not break it :)

Suure, when we broke something last time, I can't even remember such
thing happening ;-)

5) use spec cleaner and its result, we already do it automatic, just
not have it in git -

That is format_spec_file the lightweight brother of spec-cleaner that I
try hard to obsolete ;-)

Any other requirements you would like to see and know? Overall of
course he will test the packages and install them so we are fairly
sure if it actually works ;-)

Good, just ensure that old version is not installed, otherwise it can
work even if something is not installed.

BTW I encouraged him to join our IRC and discuss what he finds as
currently there is combination of packages using rake, autotools and

Yep we are aware of the mix. He will have most of the team members at
his disposal to actually help him. We expect him fully to not
understand all that can be in the specs.

Please be nice to him on the irc, afterall he is new ;-)


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