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Re: [yast-devel] RFC: Yast Logging Format
On Thu, 21 Jan 2016 16:23:52 +0100
Lukas Ocilka <lukas.ocilka@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 21.1.2016 10:29, Josef Reidinger wrote:
Well, good think is that we use one formatter, so it is easy to
change format. Disadvantage is that old old tools for coloring logs
will need to be adapted. Otherwise I do not care much about format.
Just that maybe we can reuse some other tools if we use more
standard format.

Could you be more specific on the standard format? Is there some
description/RFC for that?

e.g. syslong log format?

Did you have some specific "other tools" in mind?

nothing particular in mind.

What about the current usage of the y2log? Would it change?

Well, my usage is reading logs manually, so nothing change from my POV.
What would be nice is extra info like version of package reporting
something. Maybe easier mass processing as there is already tools for



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