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Re: [yast-devel] before I file another bug about font sizes...
Dne 29.12.2015 v 08:06 Felix Miata napsal(a):
Clearly sw_single (and other y2 apps) post-13.1 (except in KF5) is using
smaller fonts than those used in the y2 control center and in the rest of DE
UI, as if both the non-KF5 DE's font settings and QT's font setting in
Trolltech.conf are being disregarded.

IIRC the Trolltech.conf file is used for Qt4, YaST (libyui) now uses Qt5...

Is there something that can be installed or removed to bring up font sizes to
match the rest of the DE and y2cc in KDE3 and TDE without loading the
installation with QT5 and/or KF5, or even with QT5 and/or KF5? Or, is this a
bug that's already been filed, or one that needs filing?

Um, it's a bit tricky...

- YaST uses plain Qt library, no KDE/whatever... layer above it
(so any KDE/Plasma5 setting probably cannot affect the default fonts).

- YaST runs under the root user - any non-root user desktop settings obviously
cannot change it.

But you can try the Qt5 configuration tool (run both as root):

# zypper in libqt5-qtct
# qt5ct

Set the desired font size in the "Fonts" tab in the dialog (press the "..."
button to change the default). Then press OK to save the settings. Now try
running YaST...

Note: After relogin in KDE5 the vast majority of icons were missing for me when
tried it few weeks/months ago, but it seems to be fixed in the updated package

I tracked the issue down to the /etc/profile.d/qt5ct.* files, if you have some
problems in KDE after changing the fonts remove those files...



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