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[yast-devel] Running AutoYaST integration tests on openQA
  • From: Imobach González Sosa <igonzalezsosa@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2015 12:59:36 +0000
  • Message-id: <4689070.L3hXiFT4FJ@nohostname>
After meeting Schubi and Ancor, we've reached an agreement about how we could
run AutoYaST integration tests on openQA.

= Background

On the openQA side, it looks like:

* They use an openQA variable to set the profile name (called 'AUTOYAST')[1].
Also an AUTOUPGRADE variable is available.
* They have some modules/tests to check the AutoYaST installation process[2].

On our side, we have a set of profiles and tests. Those tests are just RSpec
aspects which run some scripts to check everything is ok. Profile and tests
are matched by name. So, if you install a system using the 'sles12.xml'
profile, you should run 'sles12.rb' test.

= Proposed solution

The idea is to create a RPM package containing profiles and tests (basically,
the 'test' directory[3] from AutoYaST integration tests). Then, we'll add a
new openQA module/test which:

* Install the tests package (can be fetched from OBS/IBS).
* Install RSpec.
* Run the tests which match the AutoYaST profile and report the result.
* Clean-up the installed packages.

There're some minor issues to solve like, if we finally use RSpec to run the
tests, the helper should be smart enough to run those tests locally. But it's
something really easy to solve.

Also this solution opens the door to use openQA as a backend for AutoYaST
integration tests in the future.

Please, feedback is welcome!


Imobach González Sosa
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