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Re: [yast-devel] is TW installer on mirrors currently known to be broken?
On 10.11.2015 08:38, Felix Miata wrote:
Installer tries to setup DHCP network for you ASAP, that is long before
setting up online repos.

Here it's usually even before then, fixed IP configs on installer cmdline as
per linuxrc catalog. :-)

OK, just please next time think in this way: You need to tell us what
you did, what was the result, and what you consider to be a bug. We know
only what you tell us.

And especially this piece if information - static network setup via
Linuxrc - seems to be quite important when you are installing over HTTP.

32 bit got dropped so far only for Leap. Only reason I was doing another TW
installation was to respond to an ancient bug just turned NEEDINFO that
doesn't occur on 64 bit:

I see, then, if you can't provide logs, please, try to summarize a step
by step workflow how to reproduce your issue.

1. Download this from here
2. Boot your machine from X with these parameters
3. Choose Y in installer
4. ...
8. On a Z screen, you get this error

Need is moot for now. I guess there must have been a transient HTTP method
glitch. Current installation attempt is proceeding normally. :-)

Hmm, you are right, I think I've seen some error at
this morning (at ~7:00 - 7:30), so might have been related. We might try
to make it better for next time, do you remember what was the error
message? Maybe we could simulate some HTTP error during installation and
make sure that user gets some error message and details that they can
understand and maybe even fix themselves.



Lukas Ocilka, Systems Management (Yast) Team Leader
SLE Department, SUSE Linux
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