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Re: [yast-devel] Branching day
On Wed, 4 Nov 2015 13:20:02 +0100
Ancor Gonzalez Sosa <ancor@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Happy SP1 branching day


Today I'll do the first round of branching for SLE12-SP1 in the yast

15:00 CET sounds like a good moment for it. So you have a couple of
hours to yield before I push the big red button.

What I expect from you all?

Just review this mail and point anything that is wrong.

What that branching means?

For openSUSE not much. Everything merged into master will be
automagically submitted to Factory/Tumbleweed. No change there.

For SLE12 things will change, stuff merged into master will not be
longer automatically submitted to SUSE:SLE-11-SP1:GA, but to

SLE12! in both case

Submissions to Leap will continue being coolo's and DimStar's business
unless we are told otherwise. So we assume they will take care of
keeping SLE12-SP1 and 42.1 in sync using updates or any other mean.

What to do if you still want to modify SP1?

Easy. Just merge your stuff into the SLE-12-SP1 branch. And then, from
there, run
rake osc:sr
That will create the SR targeting SP1 for you.

Which repositories are affected
In today's branching it would be these. Please review the list.
- yast-add-on-creator
- yast-add-on
- yast-apparmor
- yast-audit-laf
- yast-auth-client
- yast-auth-server
- yast-autoinstallation
- yast-boot-server
- yast-bootloader
- yast-branding
- yast-ca-management
- yast-cio
- yast-cluster
- yast-control-center-gnome
- yast-control-center
- yast-core
- yast-dbus-server
- yast-devtools
- yast-dhcp-server
- yast-dns-server
- yast-drbd
- yast-fcoe-client
- yast-firewall
- yast-firstboot
- yast-ftp-server
- yast-geo-cluster
- yast-hardware-detection
- yast-http-server
- yast-inetd
- yast-installation
- yast-instserver
- yast-iplb
- yast-iscsi-client
- yast-iscsi-lio-server
- yast-isns
- yast-journal
- yast-kdump
- yast-ldap
- yast-live-installer
- yast-mail
- yast-metapackage-handler
- yast-migration
- yast-multipath
- yast-network
- yast-nfs-client
- yast-nfs-server
- yast-nis-client
- yast-nis-server
- yast-ntp-client
- yast-online-update-configuration
- yast-online-update
- yast-packager
- yast-pam
- yast-perl-bindings
- yast-pkg-bindings
- yast-printer
- yast-product-creator
- yast-proxy
- yast-rear
- yast-registration
- yast-reipl
- yast-ruby-bindings
- yast-s390
- yast-samba-client
- yast-samba-server
- yast-scanner
- yast-schema
- yast-security
- yast-services-manager
- yast-slp
- yast-slp-server
- yast-snapper
- yast-sound
- yast-squid
- yast-storage
- yast-sudo
- yast-support
- yast-sysconfig
- yast-testsuite
- yast-tftp-server
- yast-theme
- yast-transfer
- yast-tune
- yast-update
- yast-users
- yast-vm
- yast-xml
- yast2

The following repos are already branched, as far as I know. Am I
missing any?
- yast-slide-show
- yast-x11
- yast-country

I see in some of these incorrect Rakefile, so please fix it as part of
branching. Thanks

I don't know how to proceed with the following repos. I don't
understand how they work. Hints?
- yast-skelcd-control-SLED
- yast-skelcd-control-SLES
- yast-installation-control

it is control files. Please branch it so we have history but
maintenance work is basically zero, as it is part of iso.

This repositories are NOT branched because they are not under the
control of the YaST Team and, thus, are not in
- yast-crowbar

Please write mail to jsuchome@xxxxxxxx, maybe he want to set up

- yast-docker

Please write mail to fcasteli@xxxxxxxx, maybe he want to set up

This repositories are NOT branched because they are in openSUSE but
not in SLE12. I wonder if we should drop them from openSUSE as well
- yast-python-bindings

basically dead

- yast-rdp

it is some HA specific stuff I think.

What's next

I'll do the same branching for libyui-xx, but first I want to unify
the rake tasks in libyui-rake to make them behave exactly how
yast-rake does. Expect the branching of libyui-xx and
yast-ycp-ui-bindings to happen tomorrow.

yast-ycp-ui-bindings is yast module not libyui, so I think it make
sense to branch it together with other yast modules.

What I'm hoping not to break

I don't expect the following jobs from to be affected by
the branching. Ping me if I'm wrong
- yast-integration-test
- yast-needinfo-checker

Same for the following jobs from I don't expect
anything needed or affected there:
- yast-bootloader-github-push
- yast-devtools-github-push
- yast-integration-test
- yast-needinfo-checker
- yast-pull-requests-checker
- yast-rake-ci-github-pr
- yast-rake-ci-github-push
- yast-rake-ci-master
- yast-registration-github-pr
- yast-registration-github-push
- yast-skelcd-control-openSUSE-LangAddOn-master
- yast-skelcd-control-openSUSE-master

this is skelcd for opensuse. already branched, so not affect.

- yast-skelcd-control-openSUSE-openSUSE-42_1

Thats all folks.

Thanks for doing branching so this time it is not upon me :)

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