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Re: [yast-devel] new translation server and YaST
Dne 14.10.2015 v 09:52 Lukas Ocilka napsal(a):
On 13.10.2015 18:05, Stanislav Brabec wrote:

And can we specify our own bundle? Such as bundle-lang-installer-es?

Yes, the mechanism could be extended. It is purely OBS+ZYPP+rpm solution, which has nothing to do with source code organization.

But it is still possible to install new version of gnome-calculator with
new translations gnome-calculator-lang. These translations will take
precedence. (This is a SUSE glibc specific feature.)

That's nice, because I'd like to have a self-healing functionality for
the installer: Downloading and applying current updates for the
installer before it's "really started".

Yes. The only cost of it is installation of the lang package that contains all translations of particular package. (Splitting lang packages to one-file packages is technically possible, but probably nobody probably wants thousands micro packages in repositories.)

Here are technical ZYPP+rpm details:

Symbols recommended by gnome-calculator:
(The symbol is recommended only. => If you want, you can install gnome-calculator without any lang package.)

What packages provide gnome-calculator-lang?

Symbols provided by bundle-lang-gnome-cs:
gnome-calculator-lang = 3.16.2

Symbols provided by gnome-calculator-lang:
gnome-calculator-lang = 3.16.2
gnome-calculator-lang-all = 3.16.2

ZYPP is smart enough to evaluate:
gnome-calculator is installed
language selection is cs
recommend bundle-lang-gnome-cs to fulfill the requirement

Best Regards / S pozdravem,

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