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Re: [yast-devel] "A Little Chaos" in Yast Network - Changes / Versions
On Mon, May 18, 2015 at 02:09:59PM +0200, Lukas Ocilka wrote:

I just wanted to create another PR porting change I've made in SLE 12 to
master and I've found out, that although SLE 12 still use versions in
format X.Y.Z, changelogs do not match.

What's actually really bad, we have the same versions in SLE 12 / SLE 12
SP1 + openSUSE 13.3, but the content do not match, see:

SLE 12

SLE 12 SP1 / openSUSE 13.3

Branch `master` started to diverge in November 2014 already!

Yes, we have let that slip. It is a thing to watch out for in code

- For maintenance branches, make sure the version number is unique

When SLE 12 (non-master version) starts to diverge, we should switch to
using X.Y.Z.A versions instead of X.Y.Z only, while master should keep
using X.Y.Z.

Please, see also my e-mail "Re: [yast-devel] [RFC] Versioning: master vs
SLE-12-GA branches", sent 17.10.2014 08:28.

Anyway, what to do now? We have different content but the same versions.
Should I just "branch" SLE 12 GA with new version

Yes, we should make versions in the maintenance branch (SLE-12-GA)
unique again. By the time customers will be able to get RPMs from
the other branch (master, SLE-12-SP1), the versions will be unique,
higher than the conflicting range.
Martin Vidner, YaST Team

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