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Re: [yast-devel] Contributing to Yast; was: yast2-auth-server fails to build with GCC 5 (fwd)
Dne 28.4.2015 v 08:46 Lukas Ocilka napsal(a):
Anyway, during the SLE offsite, I've got a feedback, that "it's hard to
contribute to Yast, because people would need to not only learn Ruby,
C++, Perl or even YCP, but also how to work with Git and GitHub".

Git and GitHub as an obstacle? Really? If I think of the "good" old times
with SVN and email patches...

Anyway, a patch sent via email is still better then nothing, so we should
accept the contributions also in this form.

I guess 90% of the Yast code is now in Ruby (or YcpRuby...). You do not need to
the other languages unless you dig into Yast internals (core, ruby-bindings =
C++) or
work on a specific module (users = Perl).

BTW we have a new contributing documentation [1], if it does not describe
something we can add it.

Some people would prefer to send us patches via e-mail or put them into
Bugzilla (or on floppy). Just consider the fact that what seems to be
easy for us, might be a "big challenge" for others.

I think a patch in bugzilla or via email is OK if it is a simple change.
For complex patches which need some discussion or review by more people
then PR at GitHub is way better.

I think that this is a valid point. The only problem I see is that we
might not like the patch enough and we might want to refactor it. Then
I'd propose to use the patch as-is and do the refactoring later in the
same PR. Or we could send the patch back with comments, depends. The
question is - Do we want it?

It depends, if the refactoring would not require comment from the author
and was easy I'd use the original patch and refactor it in a separate commit.

For more complex refactoring I'd probably sent the commented patch back.



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