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Re: [yast-devel] Contributing to Yast; was: yast2-auth-server fails to build with GCC 5 (fwd)
Anyway, during the SLE offsite, I've got a feedback, that "it's hard to
contribute to Yast, because people would need to not only learn Ruby,
C++, Perl or even YCP, but also how to work with Git and GitHub". Some
people would prefer to send us patches via e-mail or put them into
Bugzilla (or on floppy). Just consider the fact that what seems to be
easy for us, might be a "big challenge" for others.

it already happened in network ... twice. Patches were pretty simple usually related to proper usage of a tool (Dell's biosdevname), or fixing a corner case.

I think that this is a valid point. The only problem I see is that we
might not like the patch enough and we might want to refactor it. Then
I'd propose to use the patch as-is and do the refactoring later in the
same PR. Or we could send the patch back with comments, depends. The
question is - Do we want it?

i've worked exactly this way. it turned out that it makes easy to pass through review on our side (code quality, ...) even on contributors side when done this way.

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