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Re: [yast-devel] Correct solution for AutoYast: Report Unknown/Unsupported Sections
On 04/23/2015 10:45 AM, Ladislav Slezak wrote:
Dne 23.4.2015 v 10:05 Jiri Srain napsal(a):
1. Handle only sections known to be dropped
I don't really like this section because different products (even SLES vs.
SLED) may
have different YaST modules.

I do not think this is a problem, if we want to support just dropped modules
than it's OK (if we drop a module it's dropped from both SLES and SLED).

IIRC the profiles should be created on a machine with the same product,
do we really support creating profile on SLES and using it for SLED

yes, OTOH the modules can also be written manually :-)

The validation cannot be 100% perfect, e.g. some packages are SLES or SLED
only, but the software section structure is the same for both...

2. Compare the profile with what the currently installed system can

I think that this option looks best to me, since it honors also "what is
installed" and reports an error in such case. I don't think that any of the
options inform you when the package selection is the reason why something
cannot be

I agree it's better than 1., but it's more complicated for implementation...

That's right.

3. Compare the profile with currently installed schema

One thing I like on this approach is that it will force us to keep the profile
up-to-date, I don't think that we are doing a good job here.

That's true. On the other hand I know that some customers use AutoYast in many
crazy situations... BTW what about the possible 3rd party AY modules? AFAIK the
schema is generated only for our modules...

Good point :-)

IMHO we are a bit over engineering here, the initial issue was dropped yast2-ssh
module, solution 1. should be enough for this case...

The question is if we want to focus on the initial issue or find a more useful solution. If we have manually-written profiles, the later options will also catch typos.

I to some extent like doing the checks against the real system than just against a hardcoded list, however, if the amount of work is too different, I will not push that.



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