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Re: [yast-devel] AutoYaST Integration Tests
Am 04.03.2015 18:21, schrieb Josef Reidinger:
On Wed, 04 Mar 2015 13:03:53 +0100
Stefan Schubert <schubi@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Am 04.03.2015 um 11:44 schrieb Ladislav Slezak:
Dne 4.3.2015 v 10:41 Stefan Schubert napsal(a):
I have written a little test framework for running AutoYaST
integration tests by using veewee, vagrant and pennyworth.
I have not written something new but have only taken already
existing tools and workflows.


* Building KVM images by using AutoYaST profiles.
* Checking these KVM images with rspec tests.
* Generating own installation ISOs with local built RPMs or the
newest one from OBS.

looks really interesting! I haven't checked the details, but is it
possible to run it automatically (without user interaction)?
Yes. Currently it stops if an error happens. It works automatically if
no error happens.
If yes then we should run it automatically in Jenkins...
That's my intention:-) . It should work on both, local on your
machine and on Jenkins too.

Question is if we then need real hardware worker instead of virtual
one, as now we already virtualize jenkins workers, so running KVM can
be quite tricky in jenkins.

But it is really interesting idea and real worker can be solvable.

A good point. That's why machinery uses pennyworth. As far I have understood you can run pennyworth
on distributed systems. Machinery runs e.g. different test on different architectures. So it is a mixture of
jenkins and real hardware. But I have to investigate more time for.....or asking the machinery team for :-)

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