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[yast-devel] Replacement proposal for the current display-manager.service
Hi Everyone,

The current methodology around starting the Display Manager is a script that
is provided by the XDM package and a single systemd unit file. The script is
doing all kind of stuff it seems, but one of them is reading a sysconfig file
to see which DM should be started.

Most of our Display Managers (SDDM, GDM, Lightdm, etc) already have proper
systemd support and provide their own unit files, but we are removing those in
order to keep the above mentioned methodology working.

My proposal would be to drop the current method (including the script and
special unit files from the xdm package) and to utilize the proper systemd
support from the installed Display Manager itself.

One way (the easiest one) would be that an user can only have a single Display
Manager installed and the are mutually exclusive. The installation and removal
of the unit files can then be done within the DM package itself. The downside
would be that the user can not easily choose which DM to use.

The other way (which would be more comparable to the current method) is that
the Display Managers are providing the proper unit files, but the installation
of them is done through YaST. Like now, through the sysconfig editor, you can
select which Display Manager should be used and this would install the
corresponding unit files.

The changes requires in YaST would be that the user can only select from a
list of Display Managers. Once a DM is selected, YaST should validate if the
corresponding unit file is present. If the unit file is not present, YaST
should offer to install the package. After this YaST should install and enable
the corresponding unit file. This would then generate the correct display-
manager.service which is required by systemd to start the display-manager.

I would appreciate on-topic replies, feasibility of a proposal and which
proposal would be preferred.

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