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Re: [yast-devel] RFC - New Storage API
On Wed, Dec 03, 2014 at 11:07:34AM +0100, Arvin Schnell wrote:

I have swig generated bindings for Ruby, Python and Perl5. The repository
contains a few examples for each of them:

Hi Arvin,

I tried to review the Ruby bindings with the goal of making them
readable to a Rubyist.

The method naming convention, in camelCase, looks out of place in
Ruby. It should be possible to autoconvert it to snake_case via
swig -ruby -autorename example.i

- sda1 = gpt.createPartition("/dev/sda1")
+ sda1 = gpt.create_partition("/dev/sda1")

Similarly, though less automatable, it would be good to rename
getters and setters:

- partition.getNumber()
+ partition.number

Abbreviations can be useful to save typing and screen space but IMHO
they should be avoided in class names:

- Storage::BlkDevice::find(...)
+ Storage::BlackDevice.find(...)

(A week ago I and Balazs were trying to debug string handling in
Ruby VM. It took me several minutes to realize that what I thought
was "capability" meant "capacity", and "terminal" was in fact
"terminator". They were declared as "capa" and "term" without an
explanatory comment.)

Small improvements in style in the examples:

- Storage::Disk::create(device_graph, "/dev/sda")
+ Storage::Disk.create(device_graph, "/dev/sda")

- print "foo\n"
+ puts "foo"

Please avoid booleans in the API, they are hard to understand even
if you have learned the domain and the API before.
I haven't seen a single mention od Ruby symbols in the Swig docs,
I guess custom typemaps would be needed for that :-(

- sda.getDescendants(false)
+ sda.descendants(:direct) # or Storage::DESCENDANTS_DIRECT

For polymorphism, we have these 6 casts in Storage::Device:
(which return nil if the instance is not of that type)
While the ideal OO design is to avoid casts and use method
polymorphism, I don't know how doable it is in this case. A more
rubyish method names would be

Martin Vidner, Cloud & Systems Management Team

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