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Re: [yast-devel] Redesign of
On 4.11.2014 15:29, Ancor Gonzalez Sosa wrote:
See attached screenshot with the first draft of the redesign made by Ken
Wimer for

It looks much nicer and more modern and it also makes obvious that we
need to discuss something about the website's target audience and, thus,
the best information structure.

Originally it was targeted to developers (with the idea of keeping the
user oriented information in the openSUSE wiki). 90% of the content was
in the "get involved" page. Even the "modules" section was intended to
be specially useful for developers. The front page was there just
because we needed one. :-)

I'd keep the target audience. Yast IRC channel is for Yast developers. Yast GitHub page should be for developers as well. We do not want to create another (Yast) support channel. Having all at the same level is a good step IMO.

But then we started to add more "sales" content into the front page,
blurring the target a little bit. It's not that bad because is still
clear that everything under the "get involved" section is targeted to
developers (or contributors in general).

That's fine, we need to sell Yast. And good UI sells it better than just text.

In the layout proposed by Ken (it's just a draft), the subsections
targeted to developers "getting started", "development documentation"
and "processes and guidelines" are at the same level than the rest. It
makes sense to make the information more visible at a first glance, not
hiding 90% of the content behind the "get involved" link, but in my
opinion that also means that we should change the front page content and
style to make obvious that it's a developer's portal, not a product
page. Unless we want it to be both things (I don't think it makes much
sense for us, I would stick to developers as only target).

Just one thing: Yet another Setup Tool? Oh, what a name! Sadly, we have inherited this from the fathers of `90s.

Er, one another: I'd add a note about how to contribute to Yast landing page itself -> link to the project?

Thanks for taking care


Lukas Ocilka, Systems Management (Yast) Team Leader
Cloud & Systems Management Department, SUSE Linux
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