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Re: [yast-devel] controlling X/GUI/QT mode of HTTP installation started via HD/Grub (no F3 available)
On 2014-08-02 23:01 (GMT-0400) Patrick Shanahan composed:

* Felix Miata composed:

No manual entry for linuxrc. Where is the documentation for linuxrc to
be found?

w3m `locate linuxrc`

w3m is not something I recall ever hearing about before,...


...but very nice to know about. That file's autoyast2 owner wasn't installed, so it wasn't there for my mc find file to find. :-p

NAICT from going through all of /usr/share/doc/packages/autoyast2/html/, I'm not sure a favorable answer to $SUBJECT is even in there. The Monitor and X11 Configuration section 4.14 includes this: "Since openSUSE 11.2 there is not AutoYaST client for X11 configuration anymore. You can still have the X11 section in your profile but it will be ignored." Even if it still worked, it's an awfully complicated thing to figure out just to acquire legibility. In Anaconda (latest at least), the installer's X mode obeys the cmdline parameter video=, which one would think openSUSE could reasonably do as well.
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