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[yast-devel] controlling X/GUI/QT mode of HTTP installation started via HD/Grub (no F3 available)
No manual entry for linuxrc. Where is the documentation for linuxrc to be found?

I don't see anything on about this, or digging into the files in .../loader/. When using installation media, NET or DVD, F3 allows to choose a mode, but how can one choose a lower than EDID-preferred mode when starting installation using Grub to load linux and initrd on machines with no boot from removable media option, or just avoid unnecessary downloading of files to be obsoleted within hours or days?

Video= works only for the ttys, not the GUI. Including sax2=1 (and sax3=1) on cmdline changes nothing, at least through the first partitioning screen, by which time already to much has happened in mousetype. Seems like message and gfxboot.cfg maybe need to get loaded locally as well, but if so, how? Something else also, instead?

Info= looks like a way, but where's the doc that says what can go in it or how to format its contents. Clicking the link in its section just loops back to Parameter Reference near the top of the page. I tried making one and putting PreferredMode=1024x768 in it, but it had no effect. :-(
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