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Re: [yast-devel] very unimpressed by found changes
On Fri, 18 Jul 2014 12:41:09 -0400
Felix Miata <mrmazda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 2014-07-12 21:30 (GMT-0400) Felix Miata composed:

Via HTTP I just did my first Factory installation in several
months. White on brown is ugly. Is there or will there be an option
for an installation GUI theme more like the old, black text on
light background, with visible borders, scrollers, and tabs where

Decision of opensuse team who prepare theming for yast is to base next
theme on SLE one prepared by SLE team. Yast team do not try to act as
designer ( you really do not want it ;)

Red on brown (in changes to partitioning) is barely legible. Green
on brown on summary screen is virtually invisible. I can tell
something is there, but not what it says, and there is no popup to
explain whatever is hovered.

Opensuse theme is not done yet, I expect changes there.

In expert partitioner, there are "checkboxes" lacking boxes. I
don't like that either. Once they are all unchecked, there is
nothing to indicate boxes exist, much less where they are. This
particular section has always puzzled me: "visible information on
storage devices" for what (installation summary/storage settings)

I also expect that it is due to not complete theme for opensuse yast.

When I open Fstab options after having selected volume label as the
default mount by, why for a freshly formatted target / partition
with volume label is UUID preselected instead of Volume Label?

Question for Arvin - added to CC.

Seeing parts of the content of the fullscreen "Edit
Partition /dev/sda16" spilling out from under that (apparently)
borderless brown void that is the Fstab options "window" is
seriously unimpressive.

theme, see above. I think it make sense to report all such issues and
assign to opensuse design team.

In detailed software selection those itty bitty things in left pane
apparently representing checked boxes need to be much bigger to
tell that's what they're supposed to be.

Choice between no bootloader and Grub2 is very Fedora-ish, would
cause all my installations to be much more complicated, since I
have no need and thus no use for the overcomplicated monster (to be
obsoleted in not too distant future by UEFI) that is Grub2. Since
Grub remains available to select among packages, will it be
possible to set it up from running the grub shell on tty2 before
rebooting from the installer (I tried simply 'grub', which produces
command not found from bash)? Towards the end it claimed to be
installing boot manager even though Grub2 was tabooed, produced no
error message. Neither did it leave a /boot/grub/menu.lst to be
used as configfile from elsewhere, though it did produce a /etc/sysconfig/bootloader is too stripped to be useful.
Trying to chainload it produced the invalid executable format
message I'm used to seeing on installations containing no
bootloader on /. I copied and edited menu.lst from 13.1 for now,
and gfxboot and perl-Bootloader apparently work as always even
though I had to manually configure Grub.

Few notes:

- GRUB support for yast installation is planned to drop. It is just
about yast, grub1 can be used as long as someone will maintain it.
Code for grub1 in yast-bootloader is quite complex and we want to
focus on one bootloader and do it really well, so it works for
everyone and if experts need, they can use alternatives. So we give
you freedom to use what you want and we expect that you give to us
same freedom to decide what we develop.
- GRUB2 won't be replaced by UEFI, GRUB2 support UEFI and also it
supports trusted boot
- grub is not available in inst-sys as it is quite size senzible place.
If you need to install it, then at the end of installation go to
console, chroot to /mnt and run grub from there.
- it prints that it write bootloader, but if you select no bootloader
it do nothing expect some initialization
- perl-bootloader do not strip its GRUB1 support and currently it is
not planned


No comments from anyone?

Summer vacations, so allow us to have some free time ;)

I hope, I answer all your questions.

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