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Re: [yast-devel] very unimpressed by found changes
On 2014-07-12 21:30 (GMT-0400) Felix Miata composed:

Via HTTP I just did my first Factory installation in several months. White on
brown is ugly. Is there or will there be an option for an installation GUI
theme more like the old, black text on light background, with visible
borders, scrollers, and tabs where applicable?

Red on brown (in changes to partitioning) is barely legible. Green on brown
on summary screen is virtually invisible. I can tell something is there, but
not what it says, and there is no popup to explain whatever is hovered.

In expert partitioner, there are "checkboxes" lacking boxes. I don't like
that either. Once they are all unchecked, there is nothing to indicate boxes
exist, much less where they are. This particular section has always puzzled
me: "visible information on storage devices" for what (installation
summary/storage settings) purpose?

When I open Fstab options after having selected volume label as the default
mount by, why for a freshly formatted target / partition with volume label is
UUID preselected instead of Volume Label?

Seeing parts of the content of the fullscreen "Edit Partition /dev/sda16"
spilling out from under that (apparently) borderless brown void that is the
Fstab options "window" is seriously unimpressive.

In detailed software selection those itty bitty things in left pane
apparently representing checked boxes need to be much bigger to tell that's
what they're supposed to be.

Choice between no bootloader and Grub2 is very Fedora-ish, would cause all my
installations to be much more complicated, since I have no need and thus no
use for the overcomplicated monster (to be obsoleted in not too distant
future by UEFI) that is Grub2. Since Grub remains available to select among
packages, will it be possible to set it up from running the grub shell on
tty2 before rebooting from the installer (I tried simply 'grub', which
produces command not found from bash)? Towards the end it claimed to be
installing boot manager even though Grub2 was tabooed, produced no error
message. Neither did it leave a /boot/grub/menu.lst to be used as configfile
from elsewhere, though it did produce a /etc/sysconfig/bootloader
is too stripped to be useful. Trying to chainload it produced the invalid
executable format message I'm used to seeing on installations containing no
bootloader on /. I copied and edited menu.lst from 13.1 for now, and gfxboot
and perl-Bootloader apparently work as always even though I had to manually
configure Grub.


No comments from anyone?
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