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Re: [yast-devel] y2m use cases
# lslezak@xxxxxxx / 2014-03-27 14:06:18 +0100:
Dne 24.3.2014 18:23, Roman Neuhauser napsal(a):
* do you use y2m?

Not anymore.

* if you don't, why?

There were some bugs in the past (at the beginning) and I needed more
checkouts/branches and I needed to run specific git commands.

good news, Y2MBASE is no more, you're expected to chdir into the top
of the overall checkout. so you can have as many checkouts as you want.

* if you do, how?
* do you have multiple checkouts? how do you workaround y2m's
nominal non-support for this?

Yes, I have multiple checkouts: master and SLE11-SP3 (i.e. the latest
the latest SLE). If I need another branch I either temporarily
switch one of the checkout above or I create a copy if I need it for
something not trivial.

SLE vs. openSUSE plus releases is a dimension i haven't considered yet,
thanks for the reminder.

As a workaround I have my own script [1] with specific changes for
each checkout/branch.

cool, thanks for sharing!

y2m supports favorite repos, you can list which repos you want to
I'd like to have the opposite, clone/update *everything except* few listed

This allows ignoring the old repos and automatically cloning the newly
added repos.

would you still need this if `y2m clone SLES11SP3` and similar existed?

- Run a specified command in each Git checkout - I'm actually not sure if it
supported by y2m, but sometimes I need it for mass changes in all supported
(that's related to the previous item). The mass changes are usually global
grep/sed commands, creating new branches after product release globally,...

yeah, y2m co -b <branch> is an obvious deficit.

BTW Both features are supported by [1] ;-)



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